This is a classic American Diner seasoned salt taken from an original early 1970's recipe. Make your favourite fast food fries with DA MALAT French Fry Seasoning.


With approximately half the salt content of standard salt, French Fry Seasoning is not only tastier than standard salt but will help to reduce the amount of salt consumed. Delicious on French fries and potato wedges. This original recipe has a subtle, moreish flavour and can be quite addictive (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).


This type of seasoned salt is sometimes referred to in the UK as Red Salt or Chip Spice.


DA MALAT use only the best quality spices so very little of the product is needed to create dishes packed with flavour. This pack of French Fry Seasoning should last many weeks. 




French Fry Seasoning 500g (Box of 6)

  • Salt, Paprika, MSG, Tomato Powder, Herbs and Spices

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