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How we started



Coming from a military family, international travel was a way of life and exposure to many different cultures and cuisines sparked a passion in me for cooking from a very early age.


This love of cooking and especially international cuisine has developed through my professional career where I've specialised in spice blends and dry meat rubs. This work has given me a unique insight into the global spice world and how commercial spice blends and dry meat rub recipes are developed.


Most weekends have been spent replicating commercial spice recipes for friends and family so when a good friend remarked "you're getting so many orders, you should start a business", DA MALAT was born.


DA MALAT produces commercial spice blends and meat rubs in retail size quantities so everyone can replicate, as close as possible their favourite restaurant and takeaway dishes.


Although we don't compromise on flavour, we do omit some of the chemicals found in commercial spice blends and meat rubs that we consider to be unnecessary.


Oh...................................almost forgot one thing - We are also restoring a 1947 Flxible Clipper Bus in California which is part of the reason we decided to start DA MALAT. Not enough space to cover this here so if you haven't already, by all means read the blog about the bus




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