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One of my all-time favourite spice blends and the one friends and family request the most. I first came across this recipe, not in China but from a spice merchant in Glasgow. I promised to never reveal the recipe or how the ingredients are put together (very important!!) but have been allowed to reproduce it.


CHINESE SALT & PEPPER SEASONING  is a very versatile product and is used by Chinese restaurants and takeaways in many dishes. Here is a recipe idea to get you going:


Chinese Salt & Pepper Chips


Oven chips

Half a red/ green pepper, thinly sliced

Half an onion thinly sliced

Vegetable oil





Cook oven chips as usual

Just before the chips are cooked, heat some oil in a frying pan (or wok if you want to get fancy!) and add the onion and red/ green pepper. Fry gently until soft (3 - 4 minutes). Remove the oven chips from the oven, spread the onion/ red/ green pepper mix over the chips evenly. sprinkle with DA MALAT'S SALT & PEPPER SEASONING, turn the chips over and sprinkle again using a fine hole spice shaker.

Return the chips to the oven for a few minutes before serving.


Be prepared to make these on a regular basis!!


Once you've mastered salt & pepper chips, you can try your hand at salt & pepper - chicken wings, ribs, noodles...........................and much more.

Asian Salad
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