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Part of Louisiana's culinary history, Memphis Dust has been around for over one hundred years. Although this dry rub is perfect on it's own, Memphis Dust is also added to other rub recipes to enhance their flavour. This classic rub has a subtle flavour making it ideal for white meat and fish dishes.


We have customers reporting that they use DA MALAT Memphis Dust on brown rice and even French fries !! I think they have a little addiction thing going on there.


Louisiana Seared Salmon:


4 x salmon fillets, boned (skin on) or salmon steaks (skin on)

Olive oil

4 x Tbsp plain flour

1 x Tsp DA MALAT Memphis Dust




Mix the flour and Memphis Dust in a shallow bowl.

Pat the salmon fillets/ steaks dry with kitchen paper and lightly dust in the flour mixture.

Pan fry on a low heat in a little olive oil for 5 minutes on each side or alternatively, slow roast on a BBQ for a few minutes on each side.


Serve with BBQ roasted peppers, corn on the cob and home made savory rice.





Salmon Breast
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